Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OAR Looking for Found Object Artists

Photo by Heather L. Smith / The Aurora Sentinel

The city's Original Aurora Renewal division wants residents to make creative use of junk. As part of a long-term project, OAR is encouraging teams to contribute to "The Collection," a found object art project spearheaded by Denver artist Phil Bender.
In a piece in last week's edition of the Aurora Sentinel, OAR community art organizer explained that the long-term project is aimed at would-be artists from across the community.
"We’re respecting things that people might toss or people might walk by. We pick it up; we invite others to gather it for us," Alt said. "During these tighter times, we decided let’s reuse, reduce, repurpose, recycle. We’re marching to this mantra.”
Participants pay an entry fee of $10 to join a team, work with Bender and eventually create found object pieces for the project’s final auction, which is set to take place later this year. The precise time, date and location of the auction has yet to be finalized, but Alt says more than 20 teams have contributed to the effort so far.

For more information about joining a found object team for “The Collection,” log on towww.eastendartsdistrict.com or call 303-739-7929. Completed works are on temporary display by appointment at the OAR Collection Studio at 9801 E. Colfax Ave.

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