Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scaling K2 Part II: Revenge of the Iceaxes

Climbing a 12-foot-high wall was never scarier.
In my feature story about the Aurora Fox's production of Patrick Meyers' gritty survival drama "K2," I wrote about the dizzying effect of climbing the central set piece. At that point, the 12-foot-wall that serves as the drama's sole setting hadn't been completed -- no paint had been applied, the wood was still bare, there were still plenty of grips for bare hands.
Today was much different. The ever-patient crew at the Fox let me tackle the "mountain" the same way that actor Jude Moran has to do it every night: with crampons and ice axes. I didn't have to worry about expository dialogue as I made my way up the intimidating set, but the effort still demanded all of my focus and concentration.
I can only imagine how terrified I'd be on the sheer face of a 27,000-plus foot peak.
Look for a review of the terse, two-man drama in this week's home and weekend edition of The Aurora Sentinel. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of me risking my life for the sake of thrills and glory.

Before I could begin my ascent, I made my way to the stage via a small, movable platform. Actors William Hahn and Jude Moran use the hidden riser to make their way to the stage without being seen.

Aurora Fox Executive Producer and "K2" scenic designer Charles Packard gives the fearless (and hapless) features reporter some tips on not dying.

Look ma! No hands!


  1. We love Adam for always coming out and playing with us. Whether it's climbing a fabricated mountain, riding on a tilting carousel or standing in for Santa Claus, Adam is always a great sport. Come hang out any time, Adam!