Thursday, December 2, 2010

CCA Department Chair hints at possible renewed run for "Romeo & Juliet"

Stacey D'Angelo, far right, director of theater at the Community College of Aurora, joined cast members from the school's production of "Romeo and Juliet" during a preview performance on Nov. 12. In CCA's staging, the Montagues were played by hearing actors and the Capulets were played by deaf actors. 

The Community College of Aurora drew attention from around the metro area last month for its new twist on an old tragedy.
CCA theater director Stacey D'Angelo reimagined the feud underlying William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" as a conflict between the deaf and the hearing. Juliet and her Capulet brethren were played by deaf actors, while Romeo and the Montagues were all hearing.
The show drew sold-out audiences for its two-week run in November, and according to Performing Arts and Humanities Chair Ruthanne Oriheula, the popularity could result in a revival.

"Because it was so well attended, the plan is to try and do another production in January," Oriheula said. "We’re also taking a look into getting a DVD made."
Orihuela said the production gained the attention of the larger community for its deeper messages, and for the participation of deaf students and actors from across the community.
"It dealt with the difference between deaf and hearing culture," Orihuela said. "It really did try to bridge some divides there. We took advantage of the Aurora and the Denver communities’ deaf talent."

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